Annual Getaway/Excursion Programme- 19’

Annual Getaway/Excursion Programme- 19’

In December, 2018 the department of Computer Applications at Salesian College,Sonada started the initial preparations for organizing the first ‘Annual Getaway/Excursion’ programme. As the semester was nearing towards its end, the faculty and the students discussed on the idea of organizing a recreational activity together. The idea behind the programme came out of a brainstorming meeting of the department. The key challenge was to organize an event which could be recreational, refreshing as well as educational. The programme was organised on the 24th and 25th of January, 2019 at Shiva Khola Adventure Camp. Seven students and three teachers took part in the programme. The theme for the first Annual Getaway/Excursion programme was- ‘Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom’. The purpose was to provide a learning experience close to nature and in the process have a better understanding of one another. This programme would also be a platform where the contributions of every individual towards the department and college both in academics and co-curricular activities be recognized and appreciated. This report highlights the important aspects of the programme.

This ‘first of its kind ‘programme would not have been possible without the support of Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil, principal, Salesian College. Thank you Father for you positive support and suggestions to fine tune the programme. Many thanks to Miss Priyadarshini Pradhan and Mr. Nikhil Pradhan for planning out the logistics, booking the venue and arranging for a comfortable and memorable stay.

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