College Radio Launches Voter Education Video in Nepali

College Radio Launches Voter Education Video in Nepali

DM launches Voter Education music video
Darjeeling — Darjeeling’s District Magistrate, Ms Joyoshi Dasgupta IAS, held a press conference to brief media persons on election updates in the district and launched a voter education music video, 23 March 2019.
“The  voter awareness and mobilization music video prepared by Community Radio Salesian 90.8 FM of Salesian College Sonada is a attempt to encourage first time voters and general public to exercise their franchise to select the leader of their choice who could provide equal opprtuity for inclusive deevelopmetn,” says Principal of Salesian College Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil who has been in the hills for over 30 years.
Over 18 years Principal at Salesian College Sonada / Siliguri Dr Thadathil insists voter education as a key factor in choosing the leader for the coming 5 years.
The public service announcement video made to educate the public on the importance of exercising their democratic rights was prepared by a community radio team.
The five and half minute music video entitled “Ensure Your Vote” in Nepali language, folk music style, is produced by the campus radio of Salesian College Sonada, Darjeeling. It is given free for broadcast to local television channels in Darjeeling, Kurseong, and Mirik.
Radio Salesian established in 2016, is the only community radio broadcasting in Nepali language in India.
“The music video is an excellent production by Radio Salesian and Salesian College,” said the district magistrate Ms Dasgupta introducing the short video to a packed audience of media persons from both print and electronic media.
While Radio Salesian programme director RJ Samir wrote the lyrics, youngest RJ Dikshit composed the music and gave the vocals assisted by RJ Sagar. The song was recorded by RJ Bryan and camera and video editing was done by Bruno Thapa at Salesian Television studio.
“Radio Salesian plans to do a voter education campaign among first time voters starting from Salesian College,” said RJ Samir briefing Ms Dasgupta who was delighted to hear the proactive initiative from a college team.
Another version of the same video with English language subtitles is due for release on Monday, 25 March 2019.

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