Community Radio Lottery Launched

Community Radio Lottery Launched

In a simple ceremony at the morning assembly at Salesian College Sonada, Principal Professor George Thadathil launched the first ever Community Radio lottery to mark 4th anniversary of the Radio Salesian 90.8 FM – The Voice of the Hills, scheduled to be held on 8th December 2019.
The draw for the lottery with 3 cash prizes and 40 consolation prizes consisting of 20 branded Radio Salesian T-Shirts and 20 Radio Salesian FM Radio sets is scheduled to be held on Saturday 7th December 2019.
Radio Salesian Program Coordinator Radio Journalist Samir Chhetri explained to the student community the purpose of the lottery and the way to go about selling the tickets.
“Each lottery booklet contains 50 tickets costing Rs. 10 /- per ticket,” said RJ Samir explaining the marketing pitch to sell tickets.
Samir said, “You persuade five potential donors to take 10 tickets each [Rs.100/-] and tell them ‘you get 10 chances to win.’”
Director of Radio Salesian Fr. C.M. Paul said, “Students who sell four or more lottery booklets, will get a Radio Salesian T-shirt as distributor incentive.”
Fr Paul added, “One may pay for an entire lottery booklet by bank transfer and the booklet’s serial numbers on the cover would be send by WhatsApp and winners would be informed by phone or on Radio Salesian Facebook page.”
Fr Paul also reminded the students, “in case of loss or misplacement of lottery booklet assigned to them for sale, there is a fine of Rs.500/- (the cost of the 50 tickets contained in the booklet) to be recovered from the student.
All lottery booklets, sold or unsold, should be retuned to Radio Salesian before 30 November 2019.
Radio Salesian started on 8th December 2016 is the first Nepali language broadcasting station in India. It is also the first college campus radio in the entire 8 states of Northeast India.

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