Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Department of Commerce

Started at Siliguri campus from 2009, the department is one of the largest in terms of the number of students enrolled. Sonada has started commerce from session 2014.

Department of Education

The department of Education is one of the flourishing departments in both the campuses of the college and has a group of qualified Professors and enterprising students who have build up a good community of learners. The department also facilitates the COP music in the college.

Department of History

The department of history has a rich heritage in terms of its existence in  the college and its qualitative output in terms of the students who have become successful in Civil service examinations. The department facilitates applied and contextual syllabus in the form of TTM as a COP.

Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

Department of Mass Communication and Journalism started from session 2014-2015. The department , together with faculty and students are striving for excellence in to generate leaders and promote responsible mass media to envisage a just and progressive society. With lots of scope to explore the world of communication, the department is collaborating with all other departments.

Department of Political Science

The making, maintaining and improving the largest democracy of the world calls for adequate learning , research and a knowledge processing system at different levels and areas in a democratic country like ours.The department of Political Science caters to the asspect to create responsible , knowledgeable and morally upright citizens in our country.

Department of Business Administration

The college offers courses in Bussiness Administration i.e BBA from North Bengal University. The college also envisages to have a separate management studies wing in the siliguri campus in the near future.

Department of Computer Science and Application

The department offers B.Sc (computer science) and BCA in UG programme from the University of North Bengal and MCA in PG programme from the Assam Don Bosco University. Apart from this, the department maintains the website of the college and offers other technical support to the day to day usage of the computer in ICT enabled classes.

Department of English

It is one of the oldest department of the college which offers honours in English literature and Elective English for BA General Students. The department also facilitates the organization of Career Oriented Programme (COP) in Communicative English to cater to the direct application of English language in the career/job front of the students.The college has started the PG course in English from 2016 academic session.

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is considered the queen of all sciences. Aptly the subject has made a great place in the academic life of the College. The department offers Bachelor of Philosophy for the Religious Students who persue priesthood as thier vocation and B.A Honours and Elective Philosophy papers for all interested students in the Sonada campus as of now.

Department of Sociology

As sociology is the scientific study of  social behavior, including its origins, development, organization and institution which uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order, social disorder and social change, Salesian  College engages itself as an academic institution to promote research, dissemination of  knowledge  and prepare the student understand, critic and appreciate this discipline.


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