Curbing the Menace of Ragging

Curbing the Menace of Ragging

A Sensitization Programme
Organized by Anti Ragging Committee
Salesian College Sonada
(1 October 2018)


A college level sensitization programme organized by the Anti Ragging Committee of SCS titled ‘Curbing the Menace of Ragging’ commenced at 10 am on 1 October 2018 in the auditorium (703) at Salesian College Sonada, for all the members of the teaching faculty, entire students of the college and the support staff including canteen staff, drivers and the security guard. The technical part of the programme was preceded by morning assembly. After a short meditation led by Dr. Fr. George Thadathil, the Principal of SCS, the students were briefed on the formalities related to the forthcoming university examination. Master Satyam Rai, 3y student, led the assembly into college anthem.

The technical part of the sensitization programme began with a short video clip titled ‘Ragging: A Deep Wound’ under the guidance of Mr. Bryan Kerr, HoD of BCA department. Miss Shruti Chhetri delivered a talk titled ‘Ragging: Frequently Asked Questions’. Dr. Terence Mukhia delivered a talk on the concept of ragging and other issues related to it through a power point presentation titled ‘Curbing the Menace of Ragging’. The talk contained detailed explanations of the verdict of the honourable Supreme Court of India (2009), the UGC Regulations on AntiRagging and the process of online registration/affidavit by the Students.

Hard copies of affidavit ‘Annexure I’ for the students and ‘Annexure II’ for the parents were distributed to the students. The students were directed to submit the filled-up affidavits within two days.
The programme ended at 10.20 am. 

Members Present: All the Staff and Students of SCS (Compulsory Attendance). Cost of the Event: Self Sponsored. Organizers: Dr. Terence Mukhia, Sradha Pradhan & Shruti Chettri, Anti Ragging Committee, Salesian College Sonada.
Resource Persons: Dr. Terence Mukhia, Miss Shruti Chettri and Mr. Bryan Kerr.
Venue: College Auditorium (703) Time: 10.00-11.20 am

submitted by
Dr. Terence Mukhia
Co-ordinator, Anti Ragging Committee
Salesian College Sonada

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