Eco Brick Competition Winner Gets Rs. 5000

Eco Brick Competition Winner Gets Rs. 5000

The follow up of the annual NSS Camp on Socio-Ecological Workshop was “Community Outreach Programme.” It consisted of an intensive community survey to understand the current waste trail and launching of a “Plastic Eco Brick Competition” in the locality. The SCS NSS volunteers had a follow-up action of collecting the plastic eco brick made in the village on 9th and 23rd of March, 2019.

The plastic eco brick making competition announcement was frequently made through Radio Salesian 90.8 FM that the volunteers would come around to inspect the bottles and also to collect the one that has been filled correctly with plastics with minimum weight of 300 gms. The radio even announced that the highest plastic eco-brick maker will be awarded a sum of Rs. 5,000 (financed by TIEEDI), during the college assembly on 25th of March, 2019.

On both the days, 9th & 23rd of March, 2019, the volunteers gathered in front of the college at 13:00 hours as per their camp teams (Air, Water and Fire) and covered their respective localities i.e. team “Air” covered Gorabari, team “Water” covered Rajahatta and team “Fire” covered Chatakpur, for inspecting and collecting plastic eco-bricks.

People were given Rs.5 for each plastic brick if the bottle fulfilled the criteria of minimum 300gms for a one liter plastic bottle.

After a rigorous collection of bottles, the volunteers were brought back to college and were given lunch on both the days. Eventually, the volunteers ended up collecting around 400 plastic eco bricks (bottles).

Mr. Badal Chettri of Gorabari, a daily wage earner, who made 85 plastic eco bricks was declared the winner of the competition, and was felicitated by Father CM Paul (Vice Principal of the college) and was awarded a sum of Rs. 5,000. He was also interviewed on a live show on Radio Salesian.

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