Flautist Prodigy Enthralls College Community

Flautist Prodigy Enthralls College Community

Sonada — An international Carnatic music exponent and child prodigy flautist J.A. Jayanth made a presentation for the College Community on the first day of reopening after the Puja vacation, i.e, 25th October 2018. J.A. Jayanth is one of the most sought – after flautists in the Carnatic music arena.

Assistant Professor Vasudeva Naidu of the English department introduced him, “A prodigy, driven by divine in-born talent and bubbling enthusiasm in bamboo flute, he was naturally drawn into the tutelage of his grandfather, Flute Maestro Late T. S. Sankaran (prime disciple of Flute Mali) in a traditional guru-sishya parampara since the age of five.”

At Salesian College Sonada Jayanth introduced students and faculty to the intricacies of Carnatic music, differentiating it from Hindustani and Western music styles.

J.A. Jayanth’s ability to play ‘Ragam Tallam Pallavi’ in three speeds (thrikaalam) surprised the college community.

His spontaneity, perfect pitching coupled with expressive and bhava laden rendering of Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan ‘Vaishnavo Janata’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ won him appreciation from the entire college community.

Principal Dr George Thadathil encouraged students to appreciate different genres of music, and delve into its language of music with a listening heart.

J.A. Jayanth has performed over 1200 solo flute recitals in major centres and festivals in India, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Kuwait and Re-Union Islands.


  • Rajsri Sanders
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    He’s my favorite Flautist

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    we have heard sri Jayath many times during our visit to india; hopeing to catch him in jan feb hen vist india; of course we listen to him almost daily thanks to you tube.

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