NAAC Peer Team Visit to Salesian College Sonada-Siliguri (3rd Cycle) (3 & 4th May 2019)

NAAC Peer Team Visit to Salesian College Sonada-Siliguri (3rd Cycle) (3 & 4th May 2019)

A Report of 4th May 2019, Salesian College Sonada

The NAAC Peer Team consisting of three members visited Salesian College Sonada-Siliguri on 3rd and 4th May 2019. Prof. Raj Pal Dahiya, former Vice-Chancellor from South West Delhi was the Chairman, Prof. Suninder Tung, Department of Psychology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab was the member Co-ordinator and Prof. V. S. Exambi, from Bengaluru was another member of the Peer Team. The team reached Mount Himalayan Resort, Gandhi Road, Darjeeling in the evening of 3rd May 2019 after their visitation to Salesian College Siliguri Campus. The visit to Salesian College Sonada had been scheduled to 4th May 2019 from 9 am. However, the team reached Salesian College Sonada late almost by an hour and half, that is, at 10.25 am. The Peer Team were received by the day scholars followed by residential students in the old college building, seminary section, where they were given a warm welcome with khadas and songs. It was followed by tea.

The team were then led to the auditorium (702) where the morning assembly and a short welcome programme were held. After the college anthem, the three peer team members along with Dr. Fr. Mathew Pulingathil, NAAC Co-ordinator and Dr. Fr. George Thadathil, the Principal were requested to light the lamp. The welcome speech of the Principal was followed by a short video ‘Salesian College Sonada Milestones’ which highlighted the various aspects of Salesian College Sonada. It was followed by a cultural dance by the first year English honours girls. After a short introduction of Alumni of SCS, Illustrious Alumni Album was released by Prof. Raj Pal Dahiya along with his morning thought. The first year English honours students presented recitation of Psalm 23, The Good Shepherd. Then the NAAC Peer Team had an interaction with the students in the auditorium itself whereas, the faculty were asked to be in the A.V. Hall (301) for the interaction with faculty.

After an interaction with all the students, the peer team met only the female students. Then they were led to T.V. Studio, Learning Commons, Library, Chapel and to the Radio Station (Radio Salesian, 90.8 FM). It was followed by a meeting with the faculty in the A. V. Hall (301). The heads of departments, NAAC Secretary, Co-ordinator and the Principal were not allowed during faculty interaction.

Lunch was served in the refectory at 1 pm. Then the Peer Team members went to see tea garden and Salamander Lake at Tehra Number below Gorabari.

The document verification began at 2 .30 pm. Meantime, two peer team members save the Chairman had a short interaction with parents, guardians and alumni at 4 pm. Document verification continued after the meeting till 5 pm.

The Exit Meeting commenced at 5.10 pm and went upto 6 pm.

The Peer Team commenced report writing at 6.05 pm. Though the typing of the report got over early, the server problem did not allow the Peer Team to save the report in the NAAC website. It was finally done in the morning around 1.30 am and the report was signed between the Principal and the NAAC Peer Team at 1.53 am, 5th May 2019.

The NAAC Peer Team left Salesian College at 4 am and was led to their hotel in Darjeeling accompanied by Mr. Savio Giri. There they freshened up, packed luggage and left for Siliguri. Dr. Fr. George Thadathil, the Principal joined them from Salesian College Sonada upto the airport to see them off!


Dr. Terence Mukhia (5-5-2019)
Secretary, IQAC, NAAC
Salesian College Sonada

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