Nehru-Fullbright Scholar speaks to final year students on US higher education

Nehru-Fullbright Scholar speaks to final year students on US higher education

Mr. Joseph Millward born in California addessed the final year students of Salesian College
Sonada on Monday 8th October 2018. There were some 100 plus 3rd year students participating
in the event.

Mr Millward completed Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics at Seattle University and for
almost two years gained work experience in public health, economic development, international
relations, and politics.

Currently a Fulbright-Nehru Student researcher working with HIMserve NGO in Siliguri, North
Bengal, Millward plans to attend Johns Hopkins University for M.H.S. in Health Economics
upon return to the U.S.

Speaking about what stands out in an application for admission to US universities, Millward
stressed the importance of Work and Volunteer experience besides Grades and Testing Scores.

He also told about the imporatnce of crafting a compelling statement of purpose and personal
narrative which allows decision boards to receive insight from faculty and professionals about
the candidate’s qualifications.

He also gave valuable hints to finding the right university offering the right course and schedule
one is looking for post-grad employment, acceptance, and financial aid information.

Millward did not hesitate to encourage students stating, “Do not be afraid to contact professors,
students, and admissions staff. Worst outcome is that you are in the same position as before.”

He also encouraged students to start looking out for possible universities they wished to pursue
their postgraduate studies by creating a table / chart to organize selections according to program
length, type, university, price, financial aid, location, and weather are all things to consider, to
help them narrow down their choices.

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  • Dr Roy Chowdhury
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    It would be great to have more photos of the event including a close up of the presenter.

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