NSS Annual Camp 2018-19 (With the theme of Socio-Ecological Campaign)

NSS Annual Camp 2018-19 (With the theme of Socio-Ecological Campaign)

This was the second year in a row in which TIEEDI hosted the annual residential camp(workshop) for Salesian College Sonada, NSS (National Service Scheme) volunteers and the plan was to make it bigger and more impactful this year. However, what we didn’t anticipate was the waste management revolution that these NSS volunteers would start in the community (more on that later) during the workshop. The volunteers were divided into three teams- Team Air, Team Water and Team Fire.

The important topics that we covered this year during the workshop are:

  1. Community Outreach Programme: An intensive community survey to understand the current waste trail and launching of a plastic eco bricks competition in the locality.
  2. Waste to Resource Management: Change of attitude and introduction to the zero waste philosophy.
  3. Composting: The science behind it and hands-on practice at community level composting unit at TIEEDI.
  4. Garbage Enzyme: A hands-on introduction to creating own cleaning agent using upcycled resources.
  5. Plastic Eco Bricks: A hands-on exercise of learning how to bottle non-recyclable plastic waste that can be upcycled to construct something functional.
  6. Natural Buildings: Introduction to benefits of living in a natural buildings and a hands-on exercise of building cob walls.
  7. Cooking & Cleaning-up: An important aspect of the workshop where they learn to value good organic self-cooked food. The cleaning up responsibility is equally important to sensitise them to the value of labor and teamwork.
  8. Communication & Team Building: Experiential lessons on communication and team-work through games and craft activities.
  9. Skits & Music: To drive home the message regarding the harmful effects of dumping waste in the rivers or burning of plastic. We encouraged them to revive the ancient art of effective communication – Natak Mandali also known as Street Theatre.

On the last day of the workshop they successfully executed their plan by conducting skits across 5 different villages around our area. Needless to say, the forest came alive with the infectious energy of these bright young folks who have now set off to be the change that they wished to see.

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