Orphanage visit by NSS unit of Salesian College Sonada.

Orphanage visit by NSS unit of Salesian College Sonada.

A group of NSS Volunteers from Salesian College Sonada visited Kiwanis Noora Children’s Home, a shelter home for girls, at Rangbull on Saturday 27th July 2019. The home situated between Sonada and Darjeeling shelters 16 female children along with 5 care-takers and a lady in charge. The age group of the children ranged from 5 to 17 years.

Faculty members Mr. Manoresh Thapa, Mr. Samip Senchuri and Ms. Pinky Gupta accompanied the group of 17 Volunteers.

The shelter consisted of a two-storey building with a terrace which looked to be well maintained for years.

“The main goal of this child care orphanage is to make a home of hope for children as in working alongside with government and civil transforming society organizations to make the children have a good foundation and long lasting secure future,” said the lady in charge Mrs. Shradha Pradhan.

The children confidently introduced themselves to all members of the Salesian visiting Team.

Mrs. Pradhan further stated,” We’re committed to providing every child in our care with the education and training they need to succeed as an independent adults. Our kids are adapted to community life. They learn all the skills they’ll need to integrate into the larger population.”

“Caring for orphans is one of the highest, noblest aspirations we can think of,” said Assistant Professor Manoresh Thapa (Programme officer) reminding students that God’s spirit dwells in a very real way among the poor, the oppressed, the orphaned and abandoned.”

He added, “There is a special blessing for all those who give sacrificially to help orphans.”

The student volunteers formed themselves into small groups and distributed the food items, cold drinks, books, chocolates, and pens they brought with them.

Several students also joined the children to play in door games, while many choose to sit and chat with the older girls.

The volunteers, teachers as well as the students gave some motivational talks with words of wisdom advising them on the dos and don’ts for the growing up years.

“After visiting the orphanage you start appreciating the little things in life when you see people who don’t have them. Only at such times do you tide over the insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture,” said one of the student volunteers.

Another student volunteers shared, “After interacting with children, we found out that everyone had some kind of joy and happiness within them despite dealing with so many issues in such an early age.  Everyone seems to be active and happy there in spite of the rules and regulations of the home.”

NSS programme officer
Manoresh Thapa.

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