Painting & Sketch Competition Held at SCS

Painting & Sketch Competition Held at SCS

Sonada — An Inter Departmental Painting & Sketch Competition was organized at Salesian College, Sonada Campus by the animators Mr. Prayash Rai and Mr. Samip Sinchuri of ‘Fine Art Club’ on 15th  November 2019 from 2:00 pm on Friday.

There were total 11 participants from various departments. The participants actively participated in the competition and wondrously showcased their talents. Amazingly, the enthusiasm among the participants was worth watching. It was amazing to watch how little artists creatively portrayed about such issues wondrously. The competition was like an extravagance for the little painters and the spectators as well, as they have used their brilliance of painting blended with the perceptions displayed on the painting sheet.

It was a day where we saw creativity exploding in every piece of art. It was a wonderful opportunity to think out of the box. The competition not only serves its sole purpose but also gives us a platform to display our vivid ideas and learned more by interacting with others.

“We had slow and soft music in the background which added to the beauty of watching them engrossed in their work. It felt like the flow of their paintbrushes and crayons were in sync with the music,” said Asisstant Professor Mr. Prayash Rai.

His colleague Samip Sinchuri, added “The finished products were amazing as the students had let their imagination run wild and create absolute magic. It was indeed a very successful event and a memorable one too as all our Students proudly displayed their works and posed happily.”


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