Plastic Brick Campaign Marks 50th Earth Day

Plastic Brick Campaign Marks 50th Earth Day

Last Monday, 8 April 2019 Vice-Principal of Salesian College Sonada, Fr C.M. Paul launched a plastic waste management campaign to make plastic bricks.
The campaign is launched to mark 50th anniversary of Earth Day coming up on 22 April 2019.
The campaign consists of students and faculty collecting plastic waste from their villages and towns, shops and restaurants, and create awareness by showing how they could make plastic bricks by stuffing plastic waste into plastic water bottles. These, brick bottles could later be used for construction.
Salesian College Sonada NSS team had a similar campaign as part of their annual camp in the neighbouring villages of 8 Mile, Gorabari and Chatakpur, last February.
During that campaign, a daily wage earner Mr Badal Chhetri made 85 one litre bottle plastic bricks and won a prize of Rs. 5,000 (five thousand) for making the maximum number of plastic bricks in one month.
Radio Salesian 90.8 FM is giving air cover for the campaign with daily interviews of students and faculty about their experience in making plastic bricks from plastic waste as well as students recording and airing the campaign songs and jingles.
The Coordinator of Don Bosco Green Alliance Mr Macson Almeida encouraged the initiative saying, “That is a great initiative. Congratulations to you, your institution and its students for starting this programme. Kindly do send in any images, videos to this email address so that I can publish the story of this plastic brick making campaign, on the weekly newsletter of Don Bosco Green Alliance.”

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