RESULTS of 2nd Semester Spring 2019

RESULTS of 2nd Semester Spring 2019

Of 108 students who appeared for 2nd semester exams from Salesian College Sonada at North Bengal University, 87 cleared the exams, remaining 21 students have back papers.
There are 5 students who secured SGPA 8 and above out of 10. Twelve students got above 7 points and above, while 33 students got above 6 points bringing a total of 51 students securing first division.
Remaining 36 students got second division.
First rank in the college went to Sharon Lepcha BA (Eng) with SGPA 8.4, followed by second position for Suzan Maria Louis B.Com with SGPA 8.3. Three students got third rank : Ranjita Nayak BA Gen SGPA = 8;  Suchitra Gurung BA (Ed) SGPA = 8, and Donald Lepcha BA (Ed) SGPA = 8.
Sociology (9 students) and Mass Communication (3 students) departments have 100% pass.
While Education and History departments had 2 students each out of 3 passing, BBA department has only 4 students who passed out of a total of 12. Of these 4 students failed for Maths.
Out of 24 students who appeared for English Hons, 22 passed.
Of the BA General 8 students out of 12 passed, while 20 students out of 24 passed in Political Science. For B.Com Honours 12 students out of 13 passed.
Average SGPA for 2019 Spring session at SCS is 5.04 out of 10.
Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all courses registered by the student during the semester.

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