Service Learning Programme 2019-20

Report of Service learning programmes 2019-20

Salesian College aims at making the students socially responsible by engaging them in various service learning drives. The Salesian College takes the leadership involving the whole community in and around the college campus, the departments also arranges training programme for the students. Here are the excerpts of some such programme organised by different departments of the college.

Department of BBA:

Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Mr. Anirban Ghosh

Students of the Department of Management Studies, Salesian College, Siliguri Campus, visited Siliguri Bhawana Society, an orphanage in Rajib Nagar close to Darjeeling more, on the occasion of Children’s’ Day 2019. Sixteen, third year student volunteers from BBA with Anirban Ghosh, the campus coordinator visited the project. The student volunteers interacted with the childrenthere and the caretaker. Everyone introduced themselves and talked about their hobbies.  After getting themselves familiarized there were action songs, games and cake cutting. The stationery items, sports equipment, food and clothes which were bought by the student volunteers with the fund collected from the students were handed over to them. It was a satisfying experience for the students as they could bring smiles to the faces of the destitute children. They volunteers experienced the joy in taking up social responsibilities.




Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Mr. Tanay Bhadra


The NSS annual camp 2019 was scheduled from 12th Feb. The team was accompanied by the NSS coordinators. The volunteers helped some needy families to construct their houses. NSS volunteers as well as the villagers participated in cultural programmeand cleaned the villages in and around Sonada.

On 2nd August 2018 the student volunteers organised a cleanliness programme and cleaned the campus area of Salesian College Siliguri campus. Sanitation campaign took place and all the trashesthose werelaying was collected in different sacks and disposed. The volunteers successfully performed the event of Tree Plantation under National Service Scheme.

The NSS team organised a cleanliness drive in Fapri village from August 5th to 8th. The locals were made aware of the use of toilets and why the toilets are a necessary. Most of the people of this village had no idea about what a toilet is? Why it is so important to have one? The volunteers provided with the basic use and explained them how important it was to start the practice of using toilets. On August 08, the volunteers instructed them with proper sanitation facilities and gave them outlines to construct toilets.  Locals of Fapri, were cooperative and joined hands with the volunteers of the NSS unit. Waste from gardens, kitchens, cattle sheds and agriculture was accumulated and disposed.

Siliguri Bhawna Society was visited by the volunteers of the NSS unit on August 12, 2019, the happy and deserving people were given the adequate knowledge of what cleanliness is? How to have a proper hygiene? Wiping and tidying up adds some points to cleanliness. State of purity, clarity and precision can be achieved by being clean.

On August 14, a rally on SWACHHTA was initiated. Posters, Banners holding up saying like “Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness” were put up. Slogans and a movement of the volunteers made the rally a successful one.


Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Ms. Rishi Chettri

On 30th May the NCC cadets of Salesian College Siliguri campus took up “The Trash challenge” under the campaign #trashtag challenge which is an effort to clean up litter and trashes from surroundings. They cleaned up the area near Bhaktinagar check post in Siliguri to spread awareness regarding healthy and clean environment. This was a movement to inspire the people to be better stewards of the environment and help them to focus on taking care of their community.

The NCC cadets of Salesian College Siliguri campus had joined a campaign rally organised by the blood bank of Siliguri regarding the blood donation awareness on 19th of January, 2019. The rally was aimed to aware people about the importance of blood donation and eliminating the reluctance associated with it.

Women Cell:

Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Ms. Ganga Parajuli

 From 2018 Salesian College Women’s Cell is engaged in a campus community partnership project “Anti-trafficking awareness among women and Adolescent Girls of Tribal Communities of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri District” which is funded by United Board. Under this project the Cell has organised four workshops on various women issues like Adolescence and women health, anti-trafficking awareness, women empowerment etc. Presently the coordinators of women’s cell along with the students are organising anti trafficking campaign rallies and organising awareness camps in targeted villages.


Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Ms. Rachel Salomit Sitling

 The department of Sociology organised a three day social outreach programme for the third year students from 7th to 9th December, 2019 in Tanek Busty, Kalimpong. The main agenda of the village visit programme was to help students gather information and get a firsthand experience of the rural lifestyle. The first day was for going around and interacting with the village folks. The students met and interacted with the various rural families and their children. They collected information on organic farming and the construction of the new road. The students were formed into different groups to carry out the survey across the village on fields like economy, government policies, social status, health issues, employment, electricity, future plans etc. To ensure maximum participation from the villagers, the students built a friendly rapport with them and created a pleasant atmosphere. After the completion of the survey, the students and the faculty members visited the local organic farms and nurseries. Students prepared dinner in respective groups in the local households where they cooked dinner for themselves and the families. It culminated into common sharing of experiences with the village folks. It was beneficial for the students being a participant observer enabling them to understand village ways and develop better communication skills.

On second day a picnic was organised for the village children. Students organised games, art and craft, dancing and singing competitions for the children. The students also spoke on various social issues to guide and encourage the young minds. The village elders also joined and shared their life experiences. The evening came to an end with song, dance and story-telling.

The village visit was a huge learning experience for the students. They learnt to work as a team and gave them an opportunity to gain practical skills and be exposed to the rural ways of living.

Department of BSW:

Faculty in charge for Service learning Activities: Ms. Helena Lepcha

The Department of BSW is continuously engaged in organising service learning programmes for the students. Some of the programmes conducted by them are:

  • Visited to Darjeeling Mary ward social centre. Lorat o House AnchalChampasari. Discuss on legal aids, safe migration and collective voice.
  • Visited to Jesu Ashram. Matigara to interact and help tuberculosis and leprosy patients.
  • Interacted with needy elder people in Apna Ghar Old age Home. Kalamjot.
  • Visited to an organisation named Nari Shakti, to interaction the issues of community development, domestic violence, human trafficking, abuse equality and sustainable development.
  • Visited to Concern, Rightfully nurtured, Siliguri. To care for needy children and interact with them.
  • Students visit to Mahananda Slum area on weekly basis organising various awareness camp on different topics like, cleanliness, Health and Hygiene, education, women and child issues etc.
  • They visited to New Chamta Tea garden and Mohurgaon Gulma and interacted to all the age groups to understand their needs, drawbacks and problems. They discussed the social and economic problems of the community.

Prepared by Priyamrita Chatterjee


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