Short Film Making Workshop Held

Short Film Making Workshop Held

Sonada, 10th September 2019 –
The Salesian College Campus Film Society under the aegis of the Federation of Film Societies of india organised a 2-day Short Film Making Workshop in collaboration with Department of Journalism & Mass Communication and Salesian Television Sonada on 9th and 10 September 2019.

The director of Appa movie Mr Anmol Gurung inaugurated the workshop sharing his journey as a filmmaker.

Appa (Father) the Nepali-language popular film released this summer is written and directed by Anmol Gurung and produced by Ruden Sada Lepcha. The film features Dayahang Rai, Siddhant Raj Tamang and Allona Kabo Lepcha. Gurnug in his own words is a storyteller, director-writer-composer-singer.

Another filmmaker Pallawib Rai continued explaining the basis of film making starting with the 3 Ss of filmmaking – shots, scenes and sequences.

Mr Rai touched upon other aspects of filmmaking like story line, script, camera, lenses, sets, location, lighting both natural and artificial, acting and other components with copious examples.

One the second day, 15 participants were divided into 3 groups and assigned to shoot an outdoor scene with natural light containing a master shot, two shot, three shot and an over the shoulder shot.

Teams immediately got into action scrambling up a script and vying for camera, direction and acting.

After the screening of the assignments, Mr Rai further explained and corrected the pitfalls of the aspirant filmmakers.

Secretary of the Campus Film Society, Assistant Professor, Privat Giri organised the workshop assisted by HoD Fr C.M. Paul, and faculty members Miss Shruthi Chhetri and Shreya Khaiba.

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