Teaching About China in India

Teaching About China in India

Teaching About China in India
Faculty Training Workshop at Christ University, Bengaluru
29 May to 5 June 2019

The second edition of the Faculty Training Workshop Teaching About China in India was held at the Christ University main Campus in Bengaluru from 29 May to 5 June 2019. The Workshop was conducted in collaboration with the United Board (UB), Hong Kong and Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University. The central theme of this workshop was The Political Economy of Contemporary China.

The workshop was inaugurated by Fr. Dr. Abraham V. M, the honourable Vice-Chancellor of Christ University. Dr. Wong Wai Ching Angela, Vice-President for Programs and Rev. Dr. Maher Spurgeon, Senior Programs Consultant represented the United Board, while Dr. Li Ruohong represented the Harvard-Yenching Institute. The inaugural Public Lecture titled “Charitable Crowdfunding in China: An Emergent Channel for Setting Policy Agendas” was delivered by Prof. Kellee S. Tsai, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  The resource persons were drawn from Chinese University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Shiv Nadar University and the United Board.

The first edition was held at the same campus from 5 to 15 January 2018. Only three participants from the first workshop were present in the current edition. In this Workshop, seventeen faculty members participated. They were from JNU, New Delhi; Delhi University; Central Universities of Sikkim, South Bihar and Jharkhand, respectively; Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi; Jindal Global University, Haryana; Sharda University, Delhi; Doon University, Dehradun; Bangalore University, Bangalore; Christ University, Bangalore; Madras Christian College, Chennai, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore; American College, Madurai and Salesian College, Siliguri Campus. The students and faculty members of the post graduate and research department of International Studies and History at Christ University were at the forefront of logistics.

The participants of this workshop were selected on the basis of an advanced understanding of Chinese polity, society, economy, language and culture. The participants were able to discuss, debate and examine the intersection of politics and economics in contemporary China in an objective, dispassionate and rigorous manner. We also discussed the various aspects of Sino-Indian relations and Sino-US relations. We also had in-depth sessions on curriculum development towards introducing Chinese Studies at the under graduate and post graduate levels in Colleges, University departments and Institutes in India. The participants were also taken to a field trip to a company owned by the Chinese national.

The combined efforts of the two workshops put together saw concrete results in taking a leap forward the idea of teaching China in India. The scholars made it amply clear that both India and China need to know each other better for a healthier prospect of Asia and the world in general.

Biju Mathew
Department of Political Science
Salesian College Siliguri Campus.

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