The Himalayan Clean Up

The Himalayan Clean Up

Himalayan Clean Up is a yearly campaign started by an NGO named “Zero Waste Himalaya” of Sikkim, in which different organizations of 12 different Himalayan regions all around India participates in cleaning their local areas and this year the same was held on 26th of May, 2019.
The organization from our region that had taken the initiative of taking part in this campaign was TIEEDI, situated in 8th Mile, Sonada. Two high schools, Sai Sundaram High School of Dilaram and Greenhill School of Sonada were ready to help the organization for the event. Most of the students didn’t have a clue of waste management. What they were lacking was the guidance or the leaders to guide them during the entire event. This is where the role of NSS volunteers came in.
Due to various events organized by NSS regarding Swachhta, the NSS volunteers of our college already had some idea about the management of waste, especially making of “Eco Plastic Bricks” out of plastic waste. Therefore, TIEEDI wanted the NSS volunteers to take part in the campaign as leaders to give guidance to the school students during the clean up.
The day started with assembling the students at 08:30am, in their respective schools. In total, there were around 200 school students and these students were guided by 20 NSS volunteers. The students were divided into the groups of five and each volunteer had to guide two groups i.e. 1 volunteer had to guide 10 students. The students were provided with gloves, masks, sacks and tongs for the cleanup, whereas some students were responsible for holding the banners.
The volunteers and the students started the campaign from their respective schools cleaning up roads, “jhodas” and chanting some bitter truth messages regarding the changing climate due to pollution. The volunteers even took the signatures of people stating “I Promise not to burn plastic”. The students wholeheartedly participated in the campaign and collected nearly around 25 sacks of waste materials.
Thereafter, all the participants gathered in the community hall of Gorabari, Sonada, where the drive was followed up by waste segregation into different categories like pet bottles, multi layered packets, tetrapacks, glass, tins and metals, etc. After which brand audit of those different categories of waste was done. To make the campaign even more lively, the participants were indulged in the competition of making “Eco Plastic Bricks”. Eventually, all the participants were given a souvenir by TIEEDI and the campaign ended with a vote of thanks and lunch.
Overall, the campaign was to make the people aware of waste and its adverse impact on our day to day living and also to push these big brands, to take the responsibility for which they are refusing to acknowledge the impact of their products.

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