Translation Centre meeting minutes

Translation Centre meeting minutes

Location: Salesian College, Sonada Campus
Date: 28/05/2018 (Monday)
Time: 11 am – 12:30 pm (One and Half Hours)
Attendees: Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil, Dr. Jiwan Namdung, Monika Mukhia, Milan Bantawa, Dr. Terence Mukhia, Ugyal T. Lama Yolmo, Fatima Lepcha, Bedika Rai, Alfred Sachin Dewan.

Agenda items discussed

1. Introduction and recapitulation of the activities of Translation Centre in brief by Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil

2. Presentation of Project Proposal by Ugyal T. Lama Yolmo. The presentation included:
• the possibility of a project for translation of literary text from Nepali into English and preparing an archive of literary works was discussed.
• The project would be in two phases of 2 years and 3 years each and the first phase of 2 years would be focused on the identification of key literary texts and translation into English.
• Critical essays and introduction on the key texts to be solicited from experts in the respective fields and published along with the translated texts.
• The primary justification for undertaking this project is to provide exposure to certain languages from the mentioned region. The motive would be to share the important text (mostly literary) from such languages to a much wider readership. This way the centre would be doing a great service towards the preservation of the language and also would add to the existing archive of knowledge and literature.
• Conduction of workshops and seminars regarding the importance and process of translation. Through these seminars and workshops the centre would want to achieve pool of translators who would be integral to the translation centre in all the phases (from the identification of the text to the publication). Also if possible the centre would strive to translate some popular texts into Nepali so that they become available for the Nepali readers.

3. Discussion of a possible translation workshop to be conducted at Salesian College funded by Sahitya Akademi. Discussion regarding the dates, the theme and the texts for the workshop.

4. How the Translation Centre and Salesian College as a whole help in promoting translation especially among students.


1. Some minor changes to the project proposal were suggested

2. A proposal for a 5 day workshop to be organized by Salesian College, Sonada from August 27th – 31st 2018, to be funded by Sahitya Akademi, to be prepared by 10th of June 2018. The workshop to be in memory of Indra Bahadur Rai. Translators from the northeast and North Bengal to be invited. The text selected for translation was “Jai Maya Afu Matrai Lekha Pani Aai Pugi” (16 pages). The text to be translated into English, Assamese and Bengali. The Theme of the workshop: “Translating Displacement”.
Title of the Workshop: “Jai Maya Afu Matrai Lekha Pani Aai Pugi” translation workshop from Nepali – Northeastern Languages.

3. A letter to be written to Sahitya Akademi for helping out the Salesian Translation Centre in whatever capacity.

4. The Translation Centre to meet once every 4 months.

5. To formulate a course module for translation studies for 12 sessions (1 hr each) that provides knowledge regarding translation to the students and get a hands on experience with translation. The module to include introduction to Nepali Literature and Writers under the heading “Writers of the Soil” and also DTP in Nepali.

6. To encourage translators among students by implying the ‘earn while you learn’ aspect of the CBCS system. Rate – per 4 pages translated =Rs 1500 /-

The meeting ended with Fr. George Thadathil presenting a copy of Khrist to the each 3 core members
and a vote of thanks by Dr. Terence Mukhia.

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