Salesian College Translation Centre


Creating harmony and understanding in society by promoting translations across languages of the region and beyond.


  1. To function as a nodal centre for all individuals and institutions wanting to engage in translation work
  2. To procure financial assistance from different government and non-governmental groups and disseminate the same for the prospective translators
  3. To identify and bring together twice annually the translation experts to plan projects
  4. To network with agencies and centres that serve the cause of promoting language and literature in the region and country.
  5. To organize training seminars and workshops to facilitate and enhance the capability of the resource pool of translators in the region.
  1. The proposed Translation Centre shall be part of the extension/outreach programme of Salesian College and located in its new premises besides virtually.
  2. The Centre shall be run by a committee consisting of a Director and a core team of representatives from Management, teaching faculty, experts representing at least two of the major languages of the region.
  3. The management of finances and its movable and immovable property shall be the responsibility of the College after due consideration of the proposals made by the committee.
  4. The Committee shall meet at least thrice a year to plan and evaluate the progress of the activities of the centre.
  1. Office space /Website
  2. Work station for the fellows/scholars admitted on specific tasks for the duration as shall be specified.
  3. Library
  4. Internet Facility
  5. Reprography
  6. Special assistance for the Other-abled
  1. Encouraging young scholars and linguists to engage in translation from any Indian or foreign language to the languages of the region – Nepali, Lepcha, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi etc
  2. Shall provide financial assistance to the translators on terms and conditions that shall be specified by the Centre depending on the availability of resources
  3. See to the publication of the translated texts directly or with assistance from governmental or non-governmental agencies like Sahitya Akademi, CIIL, UGC etc.
  4. The annual Report of the centre shall be submitted to the Governing Body of the College and made available on its website.
  1. Principal, Salesian College
  1. Dr Jiwan Namdung
  2. Dr Bhanu Chettri
  3. Mr P.K. Chettri
  4. Monika Mukhia
  5. Milan Tamang
Staff Representative
  1. Mr. Ygyal T. Lama Yolmo
  2. Ms. Bedika Rai
  3. Mr. Terence Mukhia
  4. Mr. Prashant Rai
  5. Ms. Tapaswi R Gurung
Technical Assistance
  1. Mr. Sachin Alfred Dewan

Draft Prepared by 
Principal, Salesian College

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Location: Salesian College Sonada Campus
Time: 01:45 p.m – 03:30 p.m (one hour 45 minutes)
Attendees: Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil, Dr. Terence Mukhia, Ugyal T. Lama Yolmo, Bedika Rai, Tapaswi Rahul Gurung, Prashant Rai, Sachin Alfred Dewan, Adrina Chettri

Agenda items discussed

The main agenda for the meeting was to discuss regarding the logistics for the Translation Workshop to be held from November 15-17, 2018. The following were the items/ agendas discussed:

  1. Schedule for the workshop
  2. Groupings with the texts distribution for each group
  3. Accommodation and fooding for the participants and experts
  4. Certificates and workshop kit
  5. Fund Raising for the workshop
  6. Publicity
  7. Budget


  1. A tentative schedule was presented by Ugyal T Lama Yolmo for the entire three days and with slight changes it was approved. (Detailed schedule attached)
  2. After collecting the names of the participants from both the campuses a tentative grouping comprising of 8 groups (as there are 8 stories) was prepared by Ugyal, Bedika, Tapaswi and Prashant. A 9th group was added during the meeting with recommendation from Fr. George Thadathil. Every group included one resource person from Nepali, at least one faculty or student into English and Begali and one student translating into Mizo. (The detailed grouping would be attached along with the minutes). Ugyal Lama was to be responsible for sending acceptance letterto the particiapnts along with the selected text.
  3. Accommodation and fooding for all the participants and experts were arranged for within the Salesian College, Sonada campus. Detailed requirement regarding the numbers of persons eating to be provided to the Sonada office.
  4. Tentative outline for certificates for experts and participants was prepared and presented by Ugyal and after the approval was taken over by Alfred for further designing. It was decided that a workshop kit comprising of a file with the workshop poster on the cover, a notepad, a pen, the schedule of the workshop, details and concept note for the workshop and the grouping details for the workshop would be provided to all experts and participants.
  5. After the reporting of failed attempts being reported Prashant suggested a way to raise funds for the workshop. Letters were to be prepared for the same for appointments to be set up for various potential personnel. The core members were allocated with the responsibility to execute the same.
  6. Various methods for publicizing the event were discussed and approved including Flexes, ads in Himalay Darpan, Local Channels, Radio Salesian, etc.
  7. The tentative budget was to be prepared keeping in account all the items that were discussed in meeting.


Minuted by
Ugyal T Lama Yolmo

Location: Salesian College, Sonada Campus
Date: 28/05/2018 (Monday)
Time: 11 am – 12:30 pm (One and Half Hours)
Attendees: Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil, Dr. Jiwan Namdung, Monika Mukhia, Milan Bantawa, Dr. Terence Mukhia, Ugyal T. Lama Yolmo, Fatima Lepcha, Bedika Rai,  Sachin Alfred Dewan.

Agenda items discussed

1. Introduction and recapitulation of the activities of Translation Centre in brief by Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil

2. Presentation of Project Proposal by Ugyal T. Lama Yolmo. The presentation included:
• the possibility of a project for translation of literary text from Nepali into English and preparing an archive of literary works was discussed.
• The project would be in two phases of 2 years and 3 years each and the first phase of 2 years would be focused on the identification of key literary texts and translation into English.
• Critical essays and introduction on the key texts to be solicited from experts in the respective fields and published along with the translated texts.
• The primary justification for undertaking this project is to provide exposure to certain languages from the mentioned region. The motive would be to share the important text (mostly literary) from such languages to a much wider readership. This way the centre would be doing a great service towards the preservation of the language and also would add to the existing archive of knowledge and literature.
• Conduction of workshops and seminars regarding the importance and process of translation. Through these seminars and workshops the centre would want to achieve pool of translators who would be integral to the translation centre in all the phases (from the identification of the text to the publication). Also if possible the centre would strive to translate some popular texts into Nepali so that they become available for the Nepali readers.

3. Discussion of a possible translation workshop to be conducted at Salesian College funded by Sahitya Akademi. Discussion regarding the dates, the theme and the texts for the workshop.

4. How the Translation Centre and Salesian College as a whole help in promoting translation especially among students.


1. Some minor changes to the project proposal were suggested

2. A proposal for a 5 day workshop to be organized by Salesian College, Sonada from August 27th – 31st 2018, to be funded by Sahitya Akademi, to be prepared by 10th of June 2018. The workshop to be in memory of Indra Bahadur Rai. Translators from the northeast and North Bengal to be invited. The text selected for translation was “Jai Maya Afu Matrai Lekha Pani Aai Pugi” (16 pages). The text to be translated into English, Assamese and Bengali. The Theme of the workshop: “Translating Displacement”.
Title of the Workshop: “Jai Maya Afu Matrai Lekha Pani Aai Pugi” translation workshop from Nepali – Northeastern Languages.

3. A letter to be written to Sahitya Akademi for helping out the Salesian Translation Centre in whatever capacity.

4. The Translation Centre to meet once every 4 months.

5. To formulate a course module for translation studies for 12 sessions (1 hr each) that provides knowledge regarding translation to the students and get a hands on experience with translation. The module to include introduction to Nepali Literature and Writers under the heading “Writers of the Soil” and also DTP in Nepali.

6. To encourage translators among students by implying the ‘earn while you learn’ aspect of the CBCS system. Rate – per 4 pages translated =Rs 1500 /-

The meeting ended with Fr. George Thadathil presenting a copy of Khrist to the each 3 core members
and a vote of thanks by Dr. Terence Mukhia.

The Translation Centre of Salesian College Sonada will be organising a Translation Workshop
from 15th November 2018 to 17th November 2018.

Students, Young Academics, Translators – Anyone with demonstrable interest in Translation may apply.

Each group will work together to produce at least one shared translation of an extract. Some of the translations produced during the course of the workshop may be published.
Interested candidates may apply by filling in the form attached and mailing it to, along with relevant attachments. The applications must reach us by 28th October 2018. The forms may also be submitted in hard copy at the Salesian College, Sonada and Siliguri Campuses. Outstation participants would have to make their own arrangements and fund their travel, accommodation will be provided.
Successful applicants can expect to be informed of acceptance by e-mail by 03rd November 2018. There will be a registration fee for the Workshop. Application forms are available from the office of Salesian College, Sonada and Siliguri campus.
(The forms are available online at

List of Participants


Male Female
1. Dr A J Thomas 1. Mrs A J Thomas
2. Dr Terence Mukhia 2. Monica Mukhia


Female Male
1. Alisha Chettri 1. Dipanker Rai
2. Anju Tamang 2. Prashant Rai
3. Bedika Rai 3. Ugyal T Lama Yolmo
4. Neelam Gurung
5. Nimden Sherpa
6. Pratista Dewan
7. Shrasta Gauravi Thapa
8. Somashree Sarkar
9. Tapaswi Rahul Gurung


Female Male
1. Agatha Pradhan 1. Roshan Ekka
2. Alka Sharma 2. Simon Bara
3. Ashmita Adhikary
4. Mimansu Subedi
5. Ruchhen Pema Tamang
6. Sanjukta Sarkar
7. Shweta Prasad
8. Sophie Lalrinnungi
9. Yashita Bhattacharjee
10.Yasoda Sharma

Total numbers: 28

Translation Workshop Groupings

Group 1 (Viswa Timro Charanma)

  • Terence Mukhia (from Nepali)
  • Jesica Nyss (Into Bengali)
  • Vasudeva Naidu (Into English)

Group 2 (Mithak Matra)

  • Ugyal T Lama Yolmo (from Nepali)
  • Yashita Bhattacharjee (into Bengali)
  • Agatha Pradhan (into English)
  • Sophie Lalrinnungi (into Mizo)

Group 3 (Bagh)

  • Bedika Rai (from Nepali)
  • Brishti Roy (into Bengali)
  • Ruchhen Pema Tamang (into English)

Group 4 (Ghasi Sanga)

  • Tapaswi Rahul Gurung (into Nepali)
  • Shrutee Chakraborty (into Bengali)
  • Mimansu Subedi (into English)

Group 5 (Maharodan)

  • Anju Tamang (from Nepali)
  • Somashree Sarkar (into Bengali)
  • Ashmita Adhikary (into English)

Group 6 (Katputali ko Mann)

  • Neelam Gurung (from Nepali)
  • Sanjukta Sarkar (into Bengali)
  • Alisha Chettri (into English)
  • Nimden Sherpa (into English)

Group 7 (Janti)

  • Dipaker Rai (from Nepali)
  • Pratista Dewan (into English)
  • Roshan Ekka (into English)

Group 8 (Aagan ko Gham ma Lata)

  • Shrasta Gauravi Thapa (from Nepali)
  • Simon Bara (into English)
  • Yasoda Sharma (into English)

Group 9 (God’s Message)

  • George Thadathil (from Malyalam)
  • Monica Mukhia (Nepali Expert)
  • Prashant Rai (into Nepali)
  • Shradha Pradhan (into Nepali)
  • Alka Sharma
  • Sweta Prasad

“Indra Bahadur Rai and Translation: Taking Indra Bahadur Rai beyond Nepali”,
translation workshop from Nepali to English, Bengali & North-Eastern Languages
November 15-17, 2018
Salesian College, Sonada

Schedule for the Workshop

Resource Persons & Participants arrive on 14th of November 2018 or 15th of November 2018 (Morning)

Day 1 (15th of November 2018)

09:00 am – 09:30 am: Registration
09:30 am – 10:30 am: Inaugural Session
10:30 am – 10:45 am: Tea
10:45 am – 01:00 pm: Workshop 1st Session
01:00 pm – 01:45 pm: Lunch
01:45 pm – 03:30 pm: Workshop 2nd Session
03: 30 pm – 03:45 pm: Tea
03:45 pm – 04: 15 pm: Session with Resource Person

Day 2 (16th of November 2018)

08:00 am – 08:45 am: Breakfast
09:00 am – 11:00 am: Workshop 3rd Session
11:00 am – 11:15 am: Tea
11:15 am – 01:00 pm: Workshop 4th Session
01:00 pm – 01:45: Lunch
01:45 pm – 03:30 pm: Workshop 5th Session
03: 30 pm – 03:45 pm: Tea
03:45 pm – 04: 15 pm: Session with Resource Person

Day 3 (17th of November 2018)

08:00 am – 08:45 am: Breakfast
09:00 am – 11:00 am: Workshop 6th Session
11:00 am – 11:15 am: Tea
11:15 am – 01:00 pm: Workshop 7th Session
01:00 pm – 01:45 pm: Lunch
01:45 pm – 03:30 pm: Reading and Valedictory Session

Day 4 (18th of November 2018) Tentative

08:00 am Trek to Chatakpur


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