Salesian College Translation Centre


Creating harmony and understanding in society by promoting translations across languages of the region and beyond.


  1. To function as a nodal centre for all individuals and institutions wanting to engage in translation work
  2. To procure financial assistance from different government and non-governmental groups and disseminate the same for the prospective translators
  3. To identify and bring together twice annually the translation experts to plan projects
  4. To network with agencies and centres that serve the cause of promoting language and literature in the region and country.
  5. To organize training seminars and workshops to facilitate and enhance the capability of the resource pool of translators in the region.
  1. The proposed Translation Centre shall be part of the extension/outreach programme of Salesian College and located in its new premises besides virtually.
  2. The Centre shall be run by a committee consisting of a Director and a core team of representatives from Management, teaching faculty, experts representing at least two of the major languages of the region.
  3. The management of finances and its movable and immovable property shall be the responsibility of the College after due consideration of the proposals made by the committee.
  4. The Committee shall meet at least thrice a year to plan and evaluate the progress of the activities of the centre.
  1. Office space /Website
  2. Work station for the fellows/scholars admitted on specific tasks for the duration as shall be specified.
  3. Library
  4. Internet Facility
  5. Reprography
  6. Special assistance for the Other-abled
  1. Encouraging young scholars and linguists to engage in translation from any Indian or foreign language to the languages of the region – Nepali, Lepcha, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi etc
  2. Shall provide financial assistance to the translators on terms and conditions that shall be specified by the Centre depending on the availability of resources
  3. See to the publication of the translated texts directly or with assistance from governmental or non-governmental agencies like Sahitya Akademi, CIIL, UGC etc.
  4. The annual Report of the centre shall be submitted to the Governing Body of the College and made available on its website.
  1. Principal, Salesian College
  1. Dr Jiwan Namdung
  2. Dr Bhanu Chettri
  3. Mr P.K. Chettri
  4. Monika Mukhia
  5. Milan Tamang
  6. Tapaswi Rahul Gurung
Staff Representative
  1. Ms. Bedika Rai
  2. Mr. Terence Mukhia
  3. Mr. Prashant Rai
  4. Ms. Tapaswi R Gurung
Technical Assistance
  1. Mr. Sachin Alfred Dewan

Draft Prepared by 
Principal, Salesian College

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