Voice of SCS – Season 3

Voice of SCS – Season 3

The Music Club of Salesian College Sonada organised Voice of SCS, Season-3 on Saturday 29 September 2018. The program held in the College Auditorium had two sections – Western Music and Eastern Music. Student Council president Ms. Ashwini Lama and Ms. Reema Thapa were the anchors for the event. The Music Club co-ordinator Assistant Professor of B.B.A Mr. Dhiren Newar and 3rd year Sociology student Mr. Satyam Rai along with club members organised the program.
The judges of the program were faculty members Mr. Bryan Kerr, Mr. Manoresh Thapa and Ms. Tapaswi Gurung. There were 8 contestants in the Western solo category while Eastern category had 9 participants. The program started with guest performance by Sports faculty Mr Richard Rai and an instrumental piece by Abhishek Bhujel on the keyboard and Saurav Thapa on the violin.
Vice-Principal Fr C.M. Paul, concluded the program congratulated the contestants for their courage in performing on stage. He also recalled the journey of some of the students who were quiet, shy and timid when they first performed during the first season in 2016 and how they performed excellently well in 2018.
Fr Paul handed over certificate of participation to all contestants, event volunteers and photographers. Mr. Satyam Rai won the first position for the Western category for his rendition of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Mr. Niten Thapa was runner up.
For Eastern category Ms. Divya Chettri won the first position for Hindi song entitled Moha Moha Ki Dhagea and runner up was Mr. Souvek Pradhan who dedicated his song to former Student Council President (2017-18) late Mr. Palden Lepcha who passed away last week.
Student Council President Mr Rakesh Sharma gave the vote of thanks. 

By Shristi Gupta

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