History Department Exchange Program 2018

History Department Exchange Program 2018

As per college calendar, on 7th September, 2018 the exchange program for the History department took place, at Salesian College Sonada.
On 7th morning History department gathered at college auditorium around 08:30 a.m. One group of students along with HoD Mr. Prayash Rai remained at the college gate to welcome the Siliguri campus. The team from Salesian College Siliguri campus arrived at 11.00 a.m. The team consisted 70 Students and 3 teaching faculties, HoD Fr. Babu, Ms. Manisha Pradhan and Ms. Yachana Lama. After receiving them, both the team proceeded towards the college auditorium on the 7th level of the college building from the back side so as not to disturb the regular class routine of other departments. The program started at 11:15 a.m by garlanding Khadas to the guests of honour. It was followed by a short welcome speech by Ms. Anuraghi Rai. Then after Vice Principal Father C.M. Paul was invited to deliver his speech. There were slight changes in the program as the Siliguri campus also came up with their own items. So the items that followed after Vice Principal’s speech were:

  • Self Introductions by the students from both the campuses.
  • PowerPoint presentation based on the departmental activity by Br. Sunny Ekka, highlighting the departmental achievements and future plans.
  • Speech by Fr. Dr. Babu Joseph sdb (HoD, Siliguri campus) wherein he highlighted the importance of the subject and talked about future of the department with the establishment of University in Darjeeling Hills,
  • Group song from Siliguri campus by Ms. Priyambara and group,
  • Group Song from Sonada campus by first year student Nima Sherpa and group,
  • Presentation of Departmental activities by Ashutosh Gupta from Siliguri campus, where he gave the audience few glimpses of History department in Siliguri. He also presented a skit prepared by the department based on Gandhiji’s ideology of Non-violence and Satyagraha.
  • The following took place after a Short Break of 20 minutes:
  • Games and interaction by both the campuses,
  • Discussion for the Excursion trip to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, plan proposed by Sonada campus HoD Mr. Prayash Rai.

Finally, at 02.00 pm both the teams gathered before the seminary building for a group photo. Fr. Babu took the students from Siliguri campus for a quick visit to college library. At about 02:30 p.m the siliguri team left the college with a warm goodbye and a promise to meet again in December exchange program which will be organized in Siliguri campus.

Students from Sonada campus said that it was very fruitful for them to interact with siliguri campus. In this program they not only exchanged their names but also their ideas related to the subject and departmental activities. Further plans for other departmental activities as well as excursion was something to look forward.

Report Submitted by
HoD Assistant Professor Prayash Rai and Assistant Professor Ms. Prayana Subba

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