Inter Departmental Chess and Carom Indoor Tournament

Inter Departmental Chess and Carom Indoor Tournament



Chess and Carrom


Date: 31/08/2018

         The Sports Club of Salesian College Sonada on 29th September organized the very first event of Chess and Carrom (mixed double) competition on the occasion of National Sports Day. The competition was held in the college lobby from 24th to 29th August 2018. There were 10 departments participated in mixed double Carrom and chess single.

            All the matches were conducted from 3pm onwards under the guidance of Miss Bandana Lama department of sports management. After all the round got completed in mix Carrom double Political Science reached the final against b.Com department. In Chess political Science against Mass com department reached the final.

            The final match was held on 29th August on National Sports Day. Many student from the college witnessed of mix double Carrom and Chess tournament are as follows.

  1. Mixed double Carrom
  2. Winner – Sarad Tamang and Riya Pradhan.
  3. Runner up – Kissaan Sunwar and Priyanka Chettri.


  1. Chess Single
  2. Winner – Pravesh Thapa.
  3. Runner up – Deep Wang Tamang.



Ms. Bandana Lama



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