Workshop on Human Rights

Workshop on Human Rights

Report: Workshop on Human Rights

Date: 25th August, 2018

The Department of Political Science organized a workshop on Human Rights on 25th August 2018. The Guest Speakers for the workshop were Dr. Sebastian N. and Mr. Newton Singh from the Department of International Relations, Sikkim University.

Dr. Sebastian N. enlightened the students on the topic “India and the Global Human Rights Regime”. He highlighted various International Regimes, Acts and Laws related to Human Rights in connection with the Constitution of India. The topic Mr. Newton Singh delivered was on “Human Rights and the issues of the Margins”. The various issues he covered under his area were the rights of Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes and the provisions to uplift these classes.  

The workshop was ended with the interactive session where the students asked many questions and clear their doubts on the issues of Human Rights. Some of the questions are on Rights to Speech and Expression, difference between Rights and Human Rights, delays in punishment/trials to those who violate Human Rights, role of religion on violating Human Rights, SC’s and ST’s reservation seats, etc.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks. After the programme refreshment were provided to the guest and the students.

Dept. of Political Science
Salesian College, Sonada.


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